Smart Card Management

A smart card management system is the central management engine at the heart of an EMV deployment and is responsible for managing every step in the lifecycle of a token and its associated applications. It reduces overall program complexity and enables you to exploit the full value of your EMV chip at the lowest possible cost.

The complexity, expense and usefulness of EMV tokens, together with their ability to evolve over time, make them very different to magnetic stripe cards. Dynamic in nature, they allow you to adapt your offering to suit a customer’s personal circumstances at any point in the lifecycle of a token or application. An EMV token management solution allows you to load and delete applications, change risk parameters, update card behavior and enable a customer selected PIN. It can even allow your customers to express themselves by
applying their own card designs.

An efficient smart card management solution will act as a central ‘hub’ which connects all actors involved in the implementation of a token at each stage of its lifecycle. It orchestrates and integrates the roles and responsibilities of issuers, personalization bureau, application providers and certification authorities, reducing complexity by providing a single, central management engine.

Bell ID® EMV Token Manager

Bell ID® EMV Token Manager provides financial institutions with powerful lifecycle management capabilities for issuing and managing EMV smart cards as well as credentials on mobile near field communication (NFC) devices.

Bell ID® EMV Token Manager enables issuers to manage and control any EMV token, such as contact and contactless cards as well as NFC enabled mobile devices. It offers basic EMV migration functionality such as data preparation and key management and the possibility to expand with value
added functionality such as multi-application cards, instant issuance, EMV scripting and PIN management. The solution creates a flexible, future proof and sophisticated foundation for an EMV cards and payment strategy.


Bell ID® ID Token Manager

Bell ID® Identity Token Manager configures, manages and administers identity and travel documents, on-chip applications and all related lifecycles. It takes a central role, allowing organizations to easily handle all processes related to the cards and tokens while meeting the most demanding security requirements.

Positioned at the core of any identity card implementation, Bell ID® Identity Token Manager enables the issuing of tokens (e.g. smart card, NFC phone and/or USB token) as well as the managing of the associated cryptographic keys and applications (e.g. physical and logical access control, identification, electronic signature, loyalty and e-purse).

The solution enables “face to face” cardholder enrollment either through a native web interface or by facilitating web

services integration with third party enrollment applications. It also enables batch enrollment by importing data from existing databases such as population registers, voter lists, employee records or document registrations.

Bell ID® Identity Token Manager is capable of interfacing with a variety of CA vendors and certificate issuers. It creates a point of coordination for lifecycles and relationships between cardholders, certificates and tokens.


Lifecycle Management

Multi Product and Payment Instruments

Multi Application Management

Post Issuance Personalization

Instant Issuance

EMV Script Management

Bell ID EMV Token Manager
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Bell ID® EMV Token Manager
Bell ID® EMV Token Manager supports many established banks worldwide to manage multi million tokens on a day-to-day basis.