EMV Instant Issuance

EMV instant issuance enables instant personalization and activation of an EMV chip card. Such functionality enhances customer service, lowers the risk of cards being stolen during distribution and saves on distribution costs.

Instant issuance refers to the process of personalizing and issuing a card upon request. It typically takes place at distributed customer service points where card requests are received, such as bank branches and retail outlets and is performed using
desktop card printers. Some issuers also use instant issuance technology to set up their own in-house small scale personalization bureau to save the expense of buying bulk personalization equipment.

Bell ID® EMV Instant Issuance

Bell ID® EMV Instant Issuance Manager connects desktop EMV card printers to back-office servers, enabling banks to instantly issue EMV chip cards to customers while in the branch. This increases customer service while decreasing card distribution cost and the risk of cards and PIN mailers being stolen during distribution.

Bell ID’s branch-based instant issuance software has been developed to connect to an extensive range of desktop card printers and to network to your secure, centralized back-office card applications. Support is provided to issue e.g. VISA® and MasterCard® debit and credit cards on JavaCard/GlobalPlatform, MULTOS (step/one) cards.

The easy to use user interface is designed for use by customer-facing staff and assists with card stock control at the branch, while centralized back-office stock management helps with planning and ensuring branches have adequate card stock for day-to-day operations.


Reduce Card Issuance Costs

Reduce Risks

Improve Customer Service

Competitive Advantage

Bell ID EMV Token Manager
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Bell ID® EMV Token Manager
Bell ID® EMV Token Manager supports many established banks worldwide to manage multi million tokens on a day-to-day basis.