EMV Data Preparation

EMV data preparation generates the cryptographic and application data required for personalizing the smart card’s chip and is an essential part of issuing EMV cards. 

Every EMV application needs to be personalized with your token holder’s details. These details include a name, account number, wide range of risk management parameters, security keys, certificates and signatures. Since smart card requirements are constantly changing,
it is important that a smart card issuance solution not only meets today’s needs, but also provides a path to meet any future smart card requirements, such as contactless, mobile, multi-application andin-branch or post-issuance.

Bell ID® EMV DataPrep Plus

Bell ID® DataPrep Plus provides an affordable yet powerful solution to realize a basic issuance of EMV compliant payment cards. As a vendor independent software provider, Bell ID allows to integrate with your equipment vendor and card manufacturer of choice.

Bell ID® EMV DataPrep Plus receives issuance requests from traditional card management systems, stores and processes the received embossing file data and generates the required EMV security data elements. Bell ID® EMV DataPrep Plus interfaces to a host security module (HSM) in order to derive keys and encrypt selected data. The completed set of data can then be passed on to the personalization bureau.

As the process generates, stores, and uses

secret key material, the Data Preparation System leverages a fully integrated key management component to manage the key life cycles, ranging from generation and storage, to distribution and exchange.

The solution can easily be inserted into an issuer’s business processes. Combined with Bell ID® EMV Token Manager, the system also offers an open-ended growth path toward a full smart card and application issuance and manage platform.


Strong Key Management

Vendor Independent

Support for Multi-Applications

Future Proof

Bell ID EMV Token Manager
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Bell ID® EMV Token Manager
Bell ID® EMV Token Manager supports many established banks worldwide to manage multi million tokens on a day-to-day basis.