Token Service Provider

A Token Service Provider (TSP) is an entity within the payments ecosystem that provides payment tokens to any registered token requestors, such as OEM Pay wallets or e-commerce merchants who hold card data on their systems.

Tokenization process

The Token Service Provider is able to provide registered Token Requestors – for example the merchants holding the card credentials – with ‘surrogate’ PAN values such as Dynamic/Alternate PANs, otherwise known as payment tokens. These payment tokens can only be used temporarily in a specific domain such as a merchant’s online website or a channel, for example a mobile device to make an NFC payment.

The Token Service Provider can be a wholly independent party from the payment network or payment processor, or alternatively can be integrated with a payment network or payment processor.

Token Service Providers are responsible for a number of functions. They oversee ongoing operation and maintenance of the Token Vault, deployment of security measures and controls, and the registration process of allowed Token Requestors.

In this new age of mobile payments, Token Service Providers should have the ability to issue and manage the entire lifecycle of payment credentials, implement tokenization to reduce payment card fraud and manage transactions to integrate with the existing authorization host by converting or validating cryptograms as well as performing processing checks, for example.

What is Payment Tokenization?

Bell ID® Token Service Provider

Bell ID® Token Service Provider (TSP) enables organizations such as payment issuers and payment processors to perform the role of Token Service Provider as defined by EMVCo.

Bell ID® Token Service Provider provides ‘surrogate’ PAN values such as Dynamic/Alternate PANs to registered Token Requestors. The solution takes care of the generation, issuance, assignment and lifecycle management of these PAN values. Bell ID® Token Service Provider is a modular
platform that can also enable you to perform awide range of other roles in the payments process, such as loading and managing credentials on mobile devices, as well as in the cloud. It also enables the use of tokenization for other channels such as ecommerce transactions.


Replace confidential consumer data with unique and limited-use tokens

Seamless integration through CVN calculation on behalf of the authorization host

Host mobile credentials in the cloud using Host Card Emulation

Integrate with OEM Pay solutions through compliant TSM standards

Bell ID Token Service Provider
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Bell ID® Token Service Provider
Learn what the role of a Token Service Provider (TSP), how to become a TSP and issue and manage your own EMV tokens.