Token Gateway

Today’s mobile payments ecosystem is getting more complex for banks. They need to integrate with an increasing number of third parties to enable mobile payments for their customers. Connections need to be established with credit and debit schemes and OEM Pay wallets, not to mention their own wallets. And implementing the security behind mobile payments is no different.

With tokenization – where account holders’ card numbers are replaced to limit the value of hacking – banks need to interface with different tokenization services to support multiple payment schemes. This can present integration challenges as different messaging interfaces need to be supported for each scheme and specifications need to be constantly updated.

Rambus Bell ID Token Gateway

Rambus Bell ID Token Gateway is a software platform that acts as a single interface to multiple token service providers and bypasses these integration challenges.

Token Gateway Diagram


Banks no longer need to connect separately to multiple schemes to manage their tokenization activity for the OEM Pays. Issuers can now manage the whole process through a single platform. Rambus Bell ID updates Token Gateway to ensure alignment with the schemes’ latest requirements. This leaves banks able to focus on their core business, like delivering the best services to their customers.


Single interface

Clear overview

Lifecycle management

Keep track of all tokenized cards

Manage branding

Easy upgrade to outsourcing tokenization