Secure Element Management

Secure element management enables secure element (SE) owners to delegate ownership to service providers through security domains. Additionally, it manages cryptographic keys as well as the lifecycle of SEs and the creation, deletion and blocking of security domains.

Many near field communication (NFC) pilots have demonstrated customer enthusiasm for mobile contactless payments and have proven the capabilities of the technology. These pilots have generally involved a relatively small number of handsets, however, often with pre-loaded and pre-configured applications. Rolling out NFC applications to millions of users securely and remotely requires a robust and scalable
solution, which offers all the necessary capabilities to manage the complex channels and combinations needed within the mobile ecosystem.

Secure element management can be performed by SE owners such as mobile network operators (MNO) and trusted service managers (TSM) wishing to become a Root TSM.

Bell ID® Trusted Service Manager

Bell ID® Trusted Service Manager offers advanced mobile (NFC) lifecycle management capabilities that assist organizations in executing trusted service manager (TSM) services and in provisioning their applications onto mobile handsets.

Bell ID’s TSM solutions can be tailored to support your specific business and operational needs inside the NFC ecosystem. This can vary from Root TSM functionality to Service Provider (SP TSM) functionality. By meeting globally recognized, widely accepted standards
and integrated support for inter TSM communications and delivery, Bell ID can achieve significantly shorter implementation times. This is also supported by proven workflow and lifecycle blueprints, wizards and standard configurations.


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Secure Element Management

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Bell ID Trusted Service Manager
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Bell ID® Trusted Service Manager
This brochure gives an overview of the different possible SP and Root TSM configuration options that Bell ID offers.