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Bell ID works with leading global enterprises, governments, healthcare and academic institutions to provide them with one coherent platform to manage ID cards such as employee ID cards, national ID schemes, health insurance cards and student ID’s. These cards can support different applications like emergency information, payment at vending machines, library access, access to reserved parking space etc.

Bell ID® Identity Token Manager

Versatile ID token lifecycle management software.

Bell ID® Certificate Manager

Enable digital certificate management via a self-service portal.

Bell ID® ID Key Manager

Powerful and secure cryptographic key management.

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Bell ID® Identity Token Manager enabled Heineken to introduce a multi-application smart ID-card without the need to replace all existing subsystems.
State of Qatar
Bell ID® Identity Token Manager enabled the migration from traditional Qatar identity cards to the new electronic Smart ID cards.
KNVB, Royal Dutch Football Association
KNVB chose Bell ID® Identity Token Manager for a league-wide rollout of a multi-application smart ID card, supporting both centrally controlled as well as club-specific, local applications.
Macau SAR
Macau SAR, China
Bell ID® Identity Token Manager enabled the Macau government to issue Smart National ID cards, which also provide access to public services and a secure channel for electronic transactions for Macau residents.
Schiphol Airport
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Schiphol selected Bell ID® Identity Token Manager to issue and manage 80.000 employee ID cards.
Ministerie van defensie1
The Netherlands Ministry of Defense
Bell ID® Identity Token Manager offers the Ministry of Defense a solution for managing the complete lifecycle of newly issued military ID cards with their corresponding applications.
Austria e-healthcard
Austria Healthcare
Bell ID® Identity Token Manager and Bell ID® Key Manager provided a web-based solution for the Central Association of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions to centrally manage the complete life cycle of all cards for citizens and practitioners.
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5 Reasons That Justify a Token Management System
Learn how to get the most out of your token-based projects and invest in a token management platform for now and in the future.
Bell ID® Certificate Manager
A web based platform to manage digital certificates in computer files, on smart phones, smart cards or USB tokens.