• IBM Japan
  • UOB United Overseas Bank
  • Eurobank Poland
  • Interac
  • eftpos tokenized services
  • RBC
  • ANZ Bank
  • BlackBerry
  • Valid
IBM Japan
IBM Japan

IBM Japan – using Rambus Bell ID’s complete token service provider (TSP) technology – supports Japanese banks with Apple Pay integration and mobile payments security across a range of international payment schemes and, importantly, the FeliCa regional scheme. Issuing banks can now work with IBM Japan to manage the real-time enrollment, provisioning and tokenization needed to offer Apple Pay to account holders.

UOB United Overseas Bank
United Overseas Bank  
Eurobank Poland

Eurobank Poland has integrated Bell ID’s Secure Element (SE) in the Cloud software and First Data Poland’s data preparation, personalization and processing services into its mobile wallet application.

As mobile payments are expected to see significant growth worldwide, Eurobank Poland’s implementation of Bell ID and First Data’s technologies is leading the way for easy, secure mobile payments to its more than one million customers through host card emulation (HCE) technology.

“Eurobank has always offered its customers innovative products, so mobile payments are a big priority,” adds Wojciech Huminski, vice president of Eurobank. “First Data and Bell ID have given us a leading cloud-based solution that helped us to create our own mobile app, ensuring convenience and security for our customers, while providing flexibility for future needs.”


The Interac Token Service Provider (TSP) was developed in collaboration with IBM, Bell ID and Everlink. Interac TSP enables financial institutions and merchants to innovate, build and manage secure digital payment experiences.

“Canadian consumers have always been eager to adopt new mobile technologies, and we see a very strong interest for mobile wallets,” said Alon Kronenberg, an IBM executive specializing in mobile technologies. “The Interac TSP, underpinned by IBM’s secure cloud infrastructure and implementation services, is a key building block to enable financial institutions to more easily offer mobile wallet capabilities to their clients. We are enthusiastic about the impact tokenization solutions, such as this collaboration with Interac and Bell ID, will have to drive wide adoption of secure digital payments, not just in Canada but around the world.”

eftpos tokenized services

eftpos has integrated Bell ID’s Token Service Provider platform to build a flexible, domestic mobile payments capability, including secure tokenization services. The new capability enables eftpos payments to be made securely across various digital platforms and applications being developed by Australian industry participants.

eftpos Managing Director, Bruce Mansfield: “It’s great to be partnering with Bell ID on this important project because they have an excellent international reputation in the dynamic area of mobile payments and tokenization. This new capability will enhance competition in the Australian mobile payments market and help eftpos meet the growing needs of this rapidly changing area of payments technology.  It will also provide the Australian industry with the choice of a domestic, secure tokenization service.”

Royal Bank of Canada  
ANZ Bank

The ANZ goMoney Wallet, bringing mobile payments to the smartphones of more than 120.000 ANZ customers in New Zealand, leverages Bell ID’s Secure Element in the Cloud software platform, easing the delivery of secure mobile payment services as it removes the need for a separate app or SIM card upgrade for customers.

ANZ’s Head of Digital Channels and Transformation, Liz Maguire: “The mobile wallet is the next evolution in payments, enabling customers to use smartphones to make everyday credit or debit card purchases – such as coffee, petrol or groceries. Bell ID’s platform gave us all of the functionality we needed to bring this upgrade to market and gives us the option for further development down the line.”


Bell ID® Trusted Service Manager enables EnStream to operate as a trusted service manager (TSM), drive further deployment of NFC-based applications and promote consumer adoption of mobile services in the region. The TSM platform provides over-the-air lifecycle management of SEs on any NFC smartphone. This solution gives Enstream a best-of-breed and fully managed solution.  Canada is poised to become the world leader in NFC payments, which is, in part, due to EnStream’s choice of Bell ID’s software platform  and professional services capabilities.

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Bell ID® Trusted Service Manager (TSM) enables Placard to provision and manage mobile near field communication (NFC)-based applications for its customer base. It allows Placard to assume the role of a TSM, to support mobile network operators (MNOs) and service providers such as banks and transit operators to deploy mobile NFC services. Through its TSM services, Placard provides the personalization of NFC secure elements and the secure provisioning of applications, such as payment, loyalty and transit ‘over the air’ to an NFC enabled mobile handset pre- and post-issuance.


Bell ID® Trusted Service Manager facilitates LEGIC® Identsystems Ltd in the delivery of its latest trusted service offering, LEGIC IDConnect. It provides LEGIC IDConnect the lifecycle management of cryptographic keys and credentials on NFC-enabled mobile devices. This allows LEGIC to operate as a service provider (SP) trusted service manager (TSM), enabling it to deliver its mobile applet into the secure element of a smartphone by connecting to the Root TSM of Swisscom and other MNO TSMs. LEGIC’s SP TSM capabilities, enabled by Bell ID, allow it to connect to the Root TSM of Swisscom in order to install its mobile applet on the secure element (SIM card) of a smartphone.


Bell ID supports BlackBerry in operating as a Trusted Service Manager by providing a flexible yet stable software engine that supports the management of high volumes and high throughput of multi-application tokens.  Bell ID software architecture excels in real time data preparation and OTA application lifecycle management for any form factor Secure Element and proves to provide true Carrier Grade software. The implemented system supports multiple deployment modes, several SE form factors and types, and supports innovative NFC services. Bell ID ensures future proof inter TSM interoperability by adhering to GlobalPlatform Messaging standards for NFC services.

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Valid, Brazil

VALID and Bell ID have partnered to enable the hosted provisioning and management services for secure mobile contactless applications (NFC). The joint solution leverages Bell ID’s market proven, high volume security, application and key lifecycle management systems within the certified and secure operations environment, managed by VALID in Brazil. VALID manufactures, personalizes, and distributes smart cards for Brazilian banks, financial organizations and telecom operators, with a significant sales presence and operational expertise in the region.


Smart Cards

  • University of Warwick
  • Northumbria University
  • CIBG
  • Boeing
  • Heineken
  • KPN
  • Hutchison Port
  • KNVB
  • Schiphol Airport
  • State of Qatar Ministry of Interior
  • Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal
  • Privium Schiphol
  • SABB
  • SEB Group
  • BancABC
  • Home Trust
  • ICICI Bank
  • Canadian Tire Financial Services
  • Investec
  • FiBank
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

Bell ID and Bell Security implemented a multi-application smart ID card scheme for the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM). The solution includes Bell ID® Identity Token Manager, Bell Group’s Pacom access control system (securing access to 28 buildings spread across 900 acres of University grounds), fingerprint recognition, electronic purse, library applications, and use of the medical center. The University issued 20,000 cards to students, staff and visitors.

University of Warwick
University of Warwick, UK

The University of Warwick uses the Bell ID® Identity Token Manager for central management of their Membership Catalogue, comprising 30,000 smart ID cards for students, staff and visitors. The system is available for authorized operators throughout the University via a standard web browser, enabling decentralized registration of cardholders, their entitlements to the use of applications available, and status changes of cards and cardholders.

Northumbria University
Northumbria University, UK

Bell Security Scotland and Bell ID implemented a smart ID card solution for 35,000 students and staff at Northumbria University. The cards are equipped with a contactless Mifare chip and a magnetic stripe, and they combine visual ID, access control and library functionality. The scheme combines Bell ID® Identity Token Manager and Bell Group’s Pacom access control management system, covering four campuses in Newcastle and Carlisle.

Austria E-Healthcard

Bell ID® Identity Token Manager facilitated the issuance and management of approximately 11 million PKI-based ID cards for social insurance purposes as part of the Austria e-Card. Citizens across the nation were issued a smart card, while some 30,000 medical professionals received a similar card with specific privileges. The solution included PKI certificates and complied with strict signature laws. Web-based Post-Issuance Personalization (PIP) enabled the card issuer to change on-card data via their own e-portal.

Information Center for Health Care Practitioners, NL (UZI Card)

The Dutch Information Center for Health Care Practitioners (CIBG) is an enforcement agency of the Ministry of Health. It is responsible for regulating secure data communication between medical staff across the nation. Bell ID, in co-operation with its business partner PinkRoccade, implemented Bell ID® Identity Token Manager, enabling CIBG to issue and manage ID cards equipped with RSA Keon PKI certificates. The cards are used for identification and authorization of medical staff and pharmacists, and for digital signing of e-mails.

Boeing Corporation

The Boeing Corporation launched a multi-application smart ID card scheme, involving the roll-out of over 200,000 cards to staff globally. Boeing selected Bell ID® Identity Token Manager as the software platform for life-cycle management of the cards and the supported applications. The ID cards, printed with the cardholders’ photographs and personal data, are used for secure log-on to the company network, e-mail signing and encryption, access control, and electronic purse. The new scheme builds on Boeing’s existing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).


Bell ID® Identity Token Manager enables Heineken, one of the largest beverage manufacturers in the world, to issue and manage contactless Mifare smart cards for all staff and visitors. Cards include up to eight applications, supporting access control for all company sites in The Netherlands, cashless vending, time and attendance registration, petrol payment and an automated laundry application. With the Post-Issuance Personalization (PIP) module, Heineken can easily update the content of issued cards without the need to revoke or replace them.


KPN acquired Bell ID® Identity Token Manager to manage the life-cycle of multi-application company cards. 60,000 smart ID cards, including a magnetic stripe, a Mifare contactless chip and a contact chip, have been issued to staff and visitors. The cards support cashless vending and various access control systems across the company. Additionally, they cater for future applications such as secured access to the company’s computer network.

Hutchison Port
Hutchison Ports

Bell ID has delivered a multi-application secure ID system to Hutchison Ports. The cards are being issued to thousands of port employees, contractors and haulers for both visual ID and secure access to the port grounds. An online interface to Bell Security’s Pacom certifies that all cardholders are issued with cards that contain their specific access control templates.

Royal Dutch Football Association

Bell ID® Identity Token Manager serves as a turnkey platform for all 37 professional football clubs in The Netherlands, enabling them to issue and manage multi-application smart ID cards for spectators and staff. The new smart cards serve as season tickets and/or Club Cards and they replace approximately 700,000 magnetic stripe and barcode cards. Bell ID signed a contract with the Royal Dutch FA, which advises on and manages the larger part of ticket sales and access control procedures and systems within the Dutch professional football leagues.

Schiphol Airport
Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

Bell ID enables Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to manage the life-cycle of 80,000 multi-application smart cards for staff working at the airport’s premises. The cards include two contactless chips for access control and cashless vending and a contact chip for storing biometric data (iris scan). The solution includes Post-Issuance Personalization (PIP) for updating on-card applications after cards have been issued.

State of Qatar Ministry of Interior
Qatar National ID Card

In partnership with Protech and QPGI, Bell ID has been selected to provide smart card management software to support the life-cycle management of Qatar’s National ID card. The project includes the use of digital certificates, finger, face and iris biometrics to provide fast and reliable verification of an individual’s identity. The platform acts as the central component of the project. In addition to managing the life-cycle of the cards and all cryptographic keys, it informs all appropriate parties as to the status of the cards’ applications.

Macao National ID Card

Bell ID implemented its Identity Token Manager for the Government of the former Portuguese colony Macao, China. 540,000 forgery-proof smart ID cards have been issued to Macao citizens, providing secure access to a wide range of electronic government services, in addition to serving as an official ID document. The post issuance personalization module enables secure loading, modification and deletion of functionality, while the key management module provides the generation and management of cryptographic keys for additional security. Furthermore, the system is equipped with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal
Houses of Parliament, The Netherlands

Bell ID has delivered life-cycle management solutions of the multi-application ID card for members, staff and visitors of the Dutch Houses of Parliament. The cards carry both a contactless Mifare chip and a contact chip, initially performing automated access control. Future applications include electronic purse, PC and network log-on and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Privium Schiphol
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport’s “Privium” service program for frequent travellers includes automated border control based on smart card and iris scan technology, priority parking and priority check-in facilities. Passengers from the European Economic Area countries are entitled to membership and have biometric data stored on a personalized smart card for identification purposes. The Bell ID® Identity Token Manager enables the personalization of the card and chip and the management of the cryptographic keys for securing this process.

SABB, Saudi Arabia

Bell ID® EMV Token Manager has enabled SABB to gain a maximum return on investment through efficient and reliable EMV data preparation, central and instant issuance of chip cards and the ability to expand with features such as EMV scripting and support for mobile payments using NFC technology.

SEB Group
SEB Group, Sweden

Bell ID provides card, application and key management as part of SEB’s SEPA compliancy. The solution facilitates the issuance of millions of EMV compliant debit and credit cards as well as providing a comprehensive key management system, data preparation and perso bureau management functionality. SEB‘s in-house EMV script processing is fully integrated with Bell ID® EMV Token Manager.

BancABC, Botswana

BancABC selected Bell ID’s card management software to perform central issuance of Visa EMV credit, debit and prepaid cards for all the five operating countries using South African personalization bureau. For subsequent phases, the flexible Instant Issuance solution offers the capability of distributing personalization services across various locations in the regions, depending on the changing and increasing demands for its card products. Further options include the issuance of multi-application cards, post-issuance personalization i.e. loading of added value card applications, NFC payments and dynamic EMV risk management on cards (EMV scripting).

Home Trust
Home Trust, Canada

Home Trust uses Bell ID® EMV PIN change application, Bell ID® I-PIN®, to allow its EMV cardholders to securely choose and change their PIN online via Home Trust’s website, using a PC/SC smart card reader issued by Home Trust. The solution also allows cardholders to unblock their PIN online if card access has been suspended temporarily, following entry of a wrong PIN on multiple occasions.

Universal Payment Services, Kuwait

UPS uses Bell ID® EMV Token Manager for basic EMV data preparation and for the issuance of EMV cards for bank customers. For strategic reasons, UPS selected a flexible Smart Card Management System to be prepared for the future and to offer extended card services. UPS can utilize the system for changing chip content of EMV cards post issuance. Changing chip content can be required for changing card PIN, writing new EMV scripts into cards or placing added value applications onto already issued cards. Bell ID® EMV Token Manager is a fully vendor independent system and allows UPS to issue any brand of smart cards for their customers.

ICICI Bank, India

ICICI Bank has selected Bell ID® EMV Token Manager, enabling the bank to migrate to EMV card issuance. In the future, the bank will use the card and application management system for other projects within the banking group, by adding extra functionality such as EMV scripting and post issuance personalization.

Canadian Tire Financial Services
Canadian Tire Financial Services, Canada

Bell ID has delivered its EMV smart card management solution, enabling Canadian Tire bank to migrate its card base from magnetic stripe to MULTOS step one EMV chip cards. The solution leverages the LDAP capabilities and profits from Bell ID’s comprehensive web services interfaces, facilitating the integration with core retail banking systems including the customer service and IVR operations. In line with the bank’s business plans, a number of additional Token Manager features will be enabled as part of a phased implementation approach. These include the multi-application server, post issuance personalization module and EMV Scripting solution.

Investec Private Bank, South America

Bell ID is selected by Investec Private Bank to implement its EMV Token Manager solution. Investec uses the solution to manage the lifecycle of its new chip-based credit cards, cryptographic keys and on-card applications. The platform can easily be upgraded to manage multi-application cards and post issuance personalization functionalities.

CUETS, Canada

The Bell ID® EMV Token Manager solution for CUETS combines the management of card, key and application life-cycles with EMV script processing used for the generation, management and delivery of scripts to update cards dynamically after issuance (post-issuance personalization), and for secure management of offline payment risk. The solution, which facilitates the issuance of millions of EMV-compliant MULTOS StepOne cards, further provides a comprehensive key management system, data preparation functionality and a platform for post-issuance personalization.

FIBank, Bulgaria

Bell ID, in partnership with Tieto Enator, has implemented its Token Manager solution at First Investment Bank, a leading Bulgarian bank. The solution provides EMV compliancy for the bank’s card portfolio. EMV Token Manager provides a platform for post-issuance EMV scripting and for the issuance and management of multi-application smart cards at a later stage. In total, 1 million cards have been issued.