Will Mobile Payments Spell the end of Payment Cards?

Martin Cox
Martin Cox - Global Head of Sales
24 April 2014

The release of Cortex MCP’s White Paper, “A Solution to the Mobile Wallet Conundrum”, has invited discussion on whether mobile payment technology will ever become the definitive method of making a purchase. Underpinning such a prospect is the question of whether traditional transaction methods will be superseded by the advent of mobile payment. Although the […]

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What is NFC?

Robert Wessels
Robert Wessels - Technical Sales Consultant
16 April 2014

Learn how NFC can transfer data to other phones and NFC readers.

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Why has US EMV Migration Taken so Long?

Todd Freyman
Todd Freyman - Vice President, The Americas
26 March 2014

Learn why it has taking so long for the US to migrate to EMV; myths and facts.

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What is Payment Tokenisation?

David Worthington
David Worthington - Principal Consultant Payment & Chip Technology
18 March 2014

Learn what tokenisation is, how it can be implemented and why this payment solution has gained so much traction in the last few months.

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MasterCard and Visa Make Host Card Emulation Mainstream

David Orme
David Orme - Chief Executive Officer
21 February 2014

Following all of the discussion around host card emulation since Google announced support for it in its Android 4.4 platform

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