What Is a Token Service Provider?

Martin Cox
Martin Cox - Global Head of Sales
16 December 2014

The Token Service Provider is an entity within the payments ecosystem that is able to provide registered Token Requestors with ‘surrogate’ PAN values.

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EBOOK: Host Card Emulation: NFC’s Missing Link

Andre Stoorvogel
Andre Stoorvogel - Marketing Manager
9 December 2014

Host Card Emulation technology emulates a payment card on a mobile device using software, thus removing the physical barrier. The functionality of the SE is fulfilled in a remote environment.

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Token Service Provider? Look no Further!

David Orme
David Orme - Chief Executive Officer
30 October 2014

With Token Service Provider issuers, acquirers and merchants that wish to offer mobile payments can manage all elements of the tokenization process.

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Bell ID at Money 20/20 and CARTES!

Andre Stoorvogel
Andre Stoorvogel - Marketing Manager
29 October 2014

The debate surrounding the future of payments is set to continue next week at two of the most high-profile industry events: Money 20/20 and CARTES.

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U.S. EMV Migration – 8 Questions to Ask Your Project Stakeholders

Michelle Lehouck
Michelle Lehouck - EMV Director
15 October 2014

8 Questions you should you ask when migrating to EMV in order to align with your business model and get the best long-term deal on your EMV projects.

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