Bell ID® Key Manager

Bell ID® Key Manager offers full key management functionality for all types of tokens/ payment applications and deals with the potentially complex process of generation, storage, distribution, import and lifecycle management of cryptographic keys.

Bell ID® Key Manager provides interfaces to all major Hardware Security Model (HSM) providers and is managed through an easy to use interface. During the lifecycle of keys, the system registers all changes in the status of all keys under its control. In addition, Bell ID® Key Manager takes care of key distribution to other third party applications.

Being a main part of the Bell ID software platform, the functionality of Bell ID® Key Manager and key material secured in its key management database is interoperable with Bell ID® Token Manager.

Product features

Secure key processing

Using one or more Hardware Security Modules for encrypting key processes such as key generation, key wrapping and key derivation.

Multiple algorithms and key types

Meeting the varied cryptographic requirements of a token issuing infrastructure.

Multiple configurations

Using one key management system to manage multiple cryptographic applications, each with their own cryptographic keys.

Standalone or integrated component

Fully integrated with the Bell ID® Token Manager platform.

Application Programming Interface (API) availability

Giving third party applications secure access to functionalities of Bell ID® Key Manager.

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Bell ID EMV Token Manager
Bell ID® EMV Token Manager

Bell ID® EMV Token Manager supports many established banks worldwide to manage multi million tokens on a day-to-day basis.


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