Bell ID® Certificate Manager

Bell ID® Certificate Manager is a web-based platform to manage digital certificates in computer networks, on smart phones, smart cards or USB tokens. Aimed at enterprises, governments and third party service providers, it reduces operational costs by delegating control to end-users via a self-service portal and by automating many bulk certificate management tasks.

By empowering end-users with certificate management capabilities, organisations are able to streamline improve central IT service desk activities. Bell ID Certificate Manager automatically checks the expiry dates and changes in employee certificates and issues email notifications when action is required, ensuring the certificate validity and overall IT system security.

The product supports the management of any type of certificate from different Certificate Authorities and easily integrates with existing IT systems. As part of Bell ID’s identity suite, the solution can easily be extended with other applications such as physical access control, biometric identification or loyalty, providing the organisations with a scalable solution which is adaptable to future technical and commercial requirements. Bell ID Certificate Manager has successfully passed all OWASP-vulnerability tests and is currently being deployed at several customer sites.

Bell ID® Certificate Manager

Product features

Hardware and database independent
Easy integration with existing systems, using Java web application technology.
End-to-end security
using Bell ID® Key Manager supporting multiple types of HSMs.
Easy integration
Integrate with existing user data provisioning systems and certificate authorities.
Adjustable front-end branding
Customise the web portal to your own needs.
To be hosted in-house or at a service provider
Bell ID® Certificate Manager is flexible to adjust to your business model.
Pay-as-you-go license model
No need for large up front investments.

Product Resources

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Austria Healthcare - Case Study
Bell ID® Identity Token Manager and Bell ID® Key Manager provided a web-based solution for the Central Association of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions to centrally manage the complete life cycle of all cards for citizens and practitioners.
The Netherlands Ministry of Defence - Case Study
Bell ID® Identity Token Manager offers the Ministry of Defence a solution for managing the complete lifecycle of newly issued military ID cards with their corresponding applications.
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - Case Study
Schiphol selected Bell ID® Identity Token Manager to issue and manage 80.000 employee ID cards.
Macau SAR, China - Case Study
Bell ID® Identity Token Manager enabled the Macau government to issue Smart National ID cards, which also provide access to public services and a secure channel for electronic transactions for Macau residents.
KNVB, Royal Dutch Football Association - Case Study
KNVB chose Bell ID® Identity Token Manager for a league-wide rollout of a multi-application smart ID card, supporting both centrally controlled as well as club-specific, local applications.
State of Qatar - Case Study
Bell ID® Identity Token Manager enabled the migration from traditional Qatar identity cards to the new electronic Smart ID cards.
Heineken - Case Study
Bell ID® Identity Token Manager enabled Heineken to introduce a multi-application smart ID-card without the need to replace all existing subsystems.

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