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For a Trusted Service Manager (TSM) that manages applications on behalf of multiple application providers and MNOs, it is important that the complexity and security requirements are appropriately addressed. The role of a TSM includes not only the delivery of applications to mobile devices but also the management of large amounts of secure data and the complex inter-related lifecycles of devices, the applications they carry and in the case of secure applications, the associated keys.

Bell ID offers advanced mobile near field communication (NFC) lifecycle management capabilities that assist organizations in executing TSM services and in provisioning their applications onto mobile handsets. Both Root TSM and Service Provider TSM (SP-TSM) functionality is offered.

Trusted Service Managers
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Enstream has selected Bell ID technology to become a Trusted Service Manager and provision and manage secure applications on NFC devices in Canada.
BlackBerry Ltd
Bell ID® Trusted Service Manager software was selected by BlackBerry, as the basis for their Secure Element Manager (SEM) solution for NFC payments.
Mobile solutions overview2
Bell ID® Trusted Service Manager
Download the Bell ID® Trusted Service Manager brochure to get an overview of the different possible SP and Root TSM configuration options.
The NFC Revolution2
The NFC Revolution - The role of the Trusted Service Manager
Near field communication has started a revolution. This whitepaper examines what a TSM is, what the different types of TSMs are and the benefits they bring.
What is a Trusted Service Manager (TSM)?
Learn more on mobile payments and the vital role of a TSM in the near field communication (NFC) ecosystem.
Mobile Payments in Canada - What Can the World Learn?
Learn how Canada facilitates NFC transactions between MNOs and the payments ecosystem.
TSM - Location, Location, Location
Learn how localised TSMs bring value by understanding their market, the players and their individual needs.
5 Reasons Why Banks Should be Their Own TSMs
Learn more on the need for trusted service managers (TSM) in the mobile near field communication (NFC) ecosystem.
Bell ID® Trusted Service Manager

Bell ID® Trusted Service Manager – a mobile (NFC) lifecycle management system for executing Trusted Service Manager services and for provisioning applications onto mobile handsets.


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