Smart Card Management

A smart card management system is the central management engine at the heart of an EMV deployment and is responsible for managing every step in the lifecycle of a token and its associated applications. It reduces overall programme complexity and enables you to exploit the full value of your EMV chip at the lowest possible cost.

The complexity, expense and usefulness of EMV tokens, together with their ability to evolve over time, make them very different to magnetic stripe cards. Dynamic in nature, they allow you to adapt your offering to suit a customer’s personal circumstances at any point in the lifecycle of a token or application. An EMV token management solution allows you to load and delete applications, change risk parameters, update card behaviour and enable a customer selected PIN. It can even allow your customers to express themselves by applying their own card designs.

An efficient token management solution will act as a central ‘hub’ which connects all actors involved in the implementation of a token at each stage of its lifecycle. It orchestrates and integrates the roles and responsibilities of issuers, personalisation bureaux, application providers and certification authorities, reducing complexity by providing a single, central management engine.

Bell ID® EMV Token Manager provides financial institutions with advanced lifecycle management capabilities for issued smart cards and NFC mobile devices along with multi-applications. Whether you are in the early stages of planning your migration path from magnetic stripe to EMV or your EMV deployment is already firmly established, there are many commercial benefits to be gained by selecting or switching to Bell ID® EMV Token Manager as your complete token management solution.

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