EMV Key Management

A key management system related to the issuance of EMV chip cards is concerned with the management of cryptographic keys between authorised parties and is designed to control complex configurations while keeping costs low. 

Cryptographic keys are an essential security element on EMV tokens and are used for data encryption, decryption, verification, authentication and authorisation. Many EMV smart card issuing systems need to manage a large number of diverse cryptographic keys for different applications. The process of tracking these keys, lifecycles, key types and procedures on various locations can be challenging to control.

Bell ID® EMV Key Manager provides a proven and secure means to manage the complexity within EMV issuing environments – irrespective of the form factor (e.g. smart card, NFC mobile phone or USB token) – and deals with the potentially complex process of generation, storage, distribution, import and lifecycle management of cryptographic keys. Bell ID® Key Manager provides interfaces to all major HSM providers and is managed through an easy to use interface.

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Bell ID® EMV Key Manager
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