EMV Script Management

EMV scripting provides card issuers with the ability to dynamically update EMV parameters on smart cards while in circulation. As well as mitigating risk and fraud, it also reduces cost as expensive smart cards no longer need to be re-issued as soon as the original parameters are outdated.

EMV scripts are collections of secured smart card commands, which are typically sent by the issuer to the EMV card application via standard payment / branch networks to ATM / POS / branch terminals as part of authorisation or maintenance messages.

Scripts can be used to change card application parameters in order to facilitate card behavioural changes. These changes would otherwise only be possible by the reissuance of the card (which is expensive for the issuer) or by post-issuance application management (which cannot occur over payment networks).

Bell ID® EMV Script Manager gives issuers the ability to dynamically update EMV parameters on not only smart cards but also near field communication enabled mobile devices while in circulation.

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