Safely manage EMV PINs via the Internet.

EMV Internet PIN Change

With an EMV Internet PIN change solution, financial card issuers can enable their cardholders to select, change and unblock their PINs quickly and easily via the internet. This saves on costs and enhances customer convenience.

Changing a PIN on an EMV chip card is more complicated than on a magnetic stripe card as the EMV PIN is stored both on the server (online PIN) as well as on the card itself (offline PIN). Card issuers wishing to offer PIN change capabilities to EMV cardholders must therefore have capabilities to change and synchronise the two PINs after the card has been issued.

Bell ID® I-PIN® is designed to provide an effective, secure and convenient solution to card issuers wishing to provide their cardholders with EMV PIN change facilities at home or anywhere they have an internet connection.

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Bell ID® I-PIN®
Enable EMV cardholders to select, change & block their PIN online.