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Bell ID supports many leading international banks and financial institutions in their migration from magnetic stripe to EMV chip technology with a flexible and scalable chip lifecycle management platform.

Supported processes range from basic data preparation to multi-application support and advanced mobile (NFC) payments. Applications can include debit, credit, loyalty, PKI, physical and logical access, contactless and mobile (NFC) payment.

Bell ID’s technology addresses many value added EMV features such as instant (in-branch) and mass issuance, data preparation, cryptographic key management, EMV parameter management, EMV issuer script delivery, static and dynamic multi-application management, post-issuance personalisation and other features.


EMV & NFC lifecycle management software.

Payment Processors

Securely manage EMV chip lifecycles.

Perso. Bureaus

Generate cryptographic and application data and personalise EMV chips.

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SEB Kort
Bell ID® EMV Token Manager provided SEB with card application, key management and EMV script notification.
Canadian Tire Financial Services (CTFS)
Bell ID has delivered CTFS its EMV Token Manager, enabling the bank to migrate its card base from magnetic stripe to MULTOS step one EMV chip cards.
Bell ID® EMV Token Manager was chosen by CUETS to migrate its cards to a chip based solution, assists in the administration of chip cards and support user segregation and data security.
SABB deployed Bell ID® EMV Token Manager to manage central issuance operations at its headquarters in Riyadh.
EMV Chips in the U.S. - Why has it taken so long?
EMV is a sophisticated fraud fighting technology that has already replaced magnetic stripe cards in 60 countries worldwide. The U.S. is the only member of the G20 not to have adopted EMV.
EMV Token Manager1
Bell ID® EMV Token Manager
Bell ID® EMV Token Manager supports many established banks worldwide to manage multi million tokens on a day-to-day basis.
Bell ID® I-PIN®
Bell ID® I-PIN® solution allows banking cardholders to select, change and unblock their PINs quickly and easily via the Internet.
Cards, Mobile & Cloud @ SCA Payments Summit
At SCA Payments Summit, Bell ID is ready to discuss the three channels to EMV chip migration - cards, mobile near field communication (NFC) and cloud.
2014 Predictions for North America
Gain insight from the predictions of the Bell ID team on EMV and mobile payments in North America for 2014.
What is a Trusted Service Manager (TSM)?
Learn more on mobile payments and the vital role of a TSM in the near field communication (NFC) ecosystem.
Mobile Payments in Canada - What can the World Learn?
Learn how Canada facilitates NFC transactions between MNOs and the payments ecosystem.
Why and how did AnyBank* Implement Secure Element in the Cloud?
Learn how AnyBank became a forerunner in delivering payment technology by using Secure Element in the Cloud.
EMV in the U.S. - Can the Banks Meet the Deadlines?
Learn what the challenges are for the US payment infrastructure and which opportunities EMV migration will bring.
Bell ID® EMV Token Manager

Issue and manage EMV contact, contactless and mobile (NFC) devices with Bell ID® EMV Token Manager: one lifecycle management platform to grow your business.