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About Bell ID

Bell ID is a leading provider of chip lifecycle management solutions. Its software is trusted worldwide by financial institutions, governments and corporations to manage large volumes of identity tokens, EMV payment (chip & PIN) cards and near field communication (NFC) enhanced mobile devices. 

Offering market and vendor independent solutions, Bell ID customers benefit from a flexible platform that integrates with their hardware of choice. Bell ID’s primary strength lies in managing tokens within complex environments where multiple issuers, token types, applications, keys and certificates need to interact securely. A modular approach ensures that Bell ID’s management software solutions meet the exact and evolving requirements of specific market sectors.

From its headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Bell ID employs one of the largest global teams of technical experts exclusively dedicated to developing chip lifecycle management solutions. The company’s solutions meet the demanding requirements of international standardisation bodies such as EMV, FIPS201 and GlobalPlatform in the identification, payments, mobile telecommunications and transit markets.

Mission statement

Bell ID’s mission is to enable its customers worldwide to fully optimise their smart token issuance operations by providing innovative and reliable technology solutions.

Company history

Bell ID commenced in 1993, initially providing ID solutions to governments and enterprises in the Benelux region as AND Identification BV (part of AND International Publishers NV). The company changed its name to Bell ID in 2000 when it became part of the Bell Group. Since becoming a privately held company in 2004, the company has been under the continuing guidance of Chairman, Pat Curran, and under whose guidance the company has established itself as a key player in the global smart card market. In 2012, Bell ID acquired Ecebs to strengthen its services into the Transit sector.

With sales offices worldwide, Bell ID has established a global reputation as a leader in the field of smart card management systems. The company is known equally for being a powerhouse provider of sophisticated, proven and trusted solutions in today’s market and also for being an industry frontrunner in shaping the smart card and mobile payment management technology of tomorrow.