Mobile NFC
  • - Host Card Emulation
  • - Secure Element in the Cloud
  • - Tokenization
Finance / EMV
  • - EMV Migration
  • - Smart Card Management
  • - EMV Data Preparation
  • - Credential Management
  • - Certificate Management
  • - Key Management
  • - Smart Ticketing
  • - Cloud Based Ticketing
  • - Transit Management

Who we are & what we do

Banks, governments and enterprises worldwide rely on Bell ID software to safely issue and manage credentials on smartphones, smart cards and connected devices. Our software integrates with any third party technology and simplifies the issuing complexities of payment, identity, loyalty and transit applications.

Whether it’s EMV payments data stored on a chip card, in an NFC-enabled mobile device or in the cloud leveraging HCE, Bell ID has the expertise to manage the lifecycle of any application on any form factor.

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